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D4 Investments Group Bringing 100 Million Euro for Investmen

  WASHINGTON, January 18 /PRNewswire/ -- D4 Investments announced today that it has opened an office in Bucharest, Romania - officially launching the real estate investment and development company''s Eastern European operations.

"With its accession into the European Union last year we see Romania, and the surrounding region, as an exciting opportunity for development," said Don Rosacker, D4''s Managing Partner. "We are excited to use our deep relationships and knowledge of the nation and region to bring significant investment while providing great returns for our stakeholders."

Founded last year by former American Ambassador to Romania David Funderburk, U.S. government relations specialist and business executive Don Rosacker, and leading Romanian Real Estate lawyer Dan Costea, D4 Investments is a 100 million euro real estate firm based in Washington, D.C. The company acquires, develops and manages residential, commercial, and industrial real estate and assets in Eastern Europe - now with a primary focus on Romania.

"We are excited to be building staff and setting up operations in Bucharest," Rosacker said. "We will be establishing a robust presence there quickly - there is so much we can accomplish right away."

The new office is located at: 11 Dr. Capsa Stefan St. 050485 Bucharest 5 Romania

For more information on D4 Investments Group, please view the company''s website at

Contact: Don Rosacker D4 Investments Group +1-202-246-0597 don@d4investments.com

Web site:

Source: D4 Investments


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